me:bioMs. Sarah Walker.

As a young and idealistic gal, living in NYC, I worked in the film and publishing industries, as a writer and copy editor. During this time, my favorite method of procrastination was going to estate sales, thrift stores, rummaging through dumpsters and other people’s crap, and obsessively refinishing, repairing, and/or re-creating my finds, in conjunction with fixing up whatever apartment or house I lived in at the time–all for $2 or less, or so I like to tell people. Anything to avoid what passed as “work” at the time, I suppose.

This site is dedicated to my house and all the challenges it presents (some real, others imagined), and the lovely things I find, have found, have brought back to life, find inspiration in, or otherwise think is cool. There will also be pictures of cats.

Photograph by Phil Nelson. Thanks, Phil!


One thought on “about

  1. Sally, your tribute to Peter is beautiful. You described his unique being perfectly. I love him and your mom very much. I just had a long and sweet conversation with your mom. I will miss his physical presence in my life. Take good care,
    (your mom’s friend from massage school),


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