Beware the Builder Man

HI HI HI! Anyone there? I’ve decided to kick off 2018 with a First World bitchfest. Where to start? So many choices! Last spring I started making plans to build the Peter H. Freeman Memorial Shed. Just an 8′ by 10′ studio to store my projects and do all my sanding and nasty chemical work […]


The Lamp Post

Happy sloppy, schweaty July! I just want to say to the friends/fam who’ve been enthusiastic about my blog that I love you dearly. It’s fun to write about and have a receptacle for my projects, but it’s a really nice feeling to know that it brings some levity to people’s days. First: A photo I […]

seventies groooove

Maybe I’m sick in the head these days (Pete’s death, end of winter, Trump), or maybe I just no longer fear the mortal wrath of my dear stepdad for admitting this, but I’m really into seventies decor. GOOD seventies decor (wuh?). More and more I find myself gravitating toward warm spaces, wood paneling, bigass plants, hot tubs, mustard yellow […]

In Memoriam P.H.F.

It’s with much sadness that I dedicate this post to my weird and wonderful stepdad, Peter Freeman, who died on February 8. I’m struggling with where to start, because the things I have to say about Pete could fill a book; his life could fill a series. He was scarily intelligent, and could debate any seasoned academic on politics, history, or art. He was loud, hilarious, naughty, campy, and irreverent—I […]

The Dining Space: A Hero’s Journey

Breakfast nook, eating area…whatever you call it, this is what our house came with. At first the lack of a proper dining room didn’t bother me, but that quickly changed. Our previous house, a 1920 Colonial in the Bronx, had a lovely formal dining room, with 6-foot windows, oak parquet floors, a 9-foot-high beamed ceiling, plate moldings, and a brass […]

Hail to the Grumph

As this new and terrifying era unfolds, it seems like the perfect time to bring one of my favorite words into the vernacular. GRUMPH is one of those made-up terms my parents terrorized me and my brothers with when we were little. It refers to caca, and it was often shouted at us in public places: “ARE YOU GRUMPHING?” and “DO YOU […]


Duuuuuuuudes. The backlog of projects is daunting, but I’m gonna try to start chipping away, because (my) life otherwise is colorless. So git ready! First off: THE JUNGLE ROOM. It’s done! And I luv it so. Since it’s been a few decades, here’s a reminder of what it was before: *Yawn.* Now look: HA-CHA-CHA! It’s a […]

Jungle impetus!

Foul summer heat and a serious influx of work have conspired to keep me from my projects! It’s made me so sad, and my soul has died a little. Meanwhile, it all piles up around the house: lamps to rewire and tables to refinish and chairs to upholster and fabrics to sew, all taunting me, calling to me […]

\m/etal \m/antel

One of the first things I attacked when we bought our house was the fireplace. Since it was my first, I wanted it to be pretty. And this one wasn’t: Bleh! I couldn’t begin to comprehend the sick, vile mind that painted that black section. It’s like a procenimum arch for a baby crematorium. Even more egregious was the brown concrete hearth with scored lines to make it […]

wet wipes and buried treasure

The estate sale scene where I live sucks the big one sometimes. Not because there aren’t a dozen sales going on at any given time, but because the big shot dealers often kill all the fun: A. They line up first thing to gobble up whatever good stuff they can wipe down and resell for ten times as much in […]