Duuuuuuuudes. The backlog of projects is daunting, but I’m gonna try to start chipping away, because (my) life otherwise is colorless. So git ready!

First off: THE JUNGLE ROOM. It’s done! And I luv it so. Since it’s been a few decades, here’s a reminder of what it was before:



Now look:


HA-CHA-CHA! It’s a custom color that I stole from stepdad Pete, who mixed it himself, which I then had matched at Ring’s End, which they duly named “Walker Red.”

And here’s the kitty with it:


What else? Oh yeah, Matt Lauer’s home. He’s a ding-dong and I hate him, but I just saw pics of his Sag Harbor dump, and I love some of the stuff his designer (Muriel Brandolini) did, mainly the metallic wallpaper and the BLUE TRIM AND CEILING BEAMS! I also think the colors in his kitchen—the mauve paint and glistening orange chairs—are rad.

Another thing: A few weeks ago I saw these pics of an apartment that Amy Lau decorated and I wanted to share.


I mean, not the most exciting or original, but warm and homey and tasteful and calming (I mostly like the kitchen and game room). Though who needs a designer for THAT? If this were my $6 mil pad, I’d add some tasteful flamingo art (is that a redundancy?), a stuffed poodle, and decent light fixtures. Oh, and a bigger/better mirror over the fireplace, different wall colors (I just discovered my aversion to light blue paint), change the flat, cold rugs, take out the empty bowls (duh) used for display, replace those weeds with real flowers/plants, ditch that game table for some Heywood-Wakefield cutie I found at the dump, spend money on proper original art, and change out those boring pillows for some fun ones I made myself in ten minutes…. Other than that it’s perfect.

And now the grand finale—this office chair I bought at the tail end of an estate sale a few years ago, which I finally retrieved from Mom and Pete’s cold, dark shed. This little baby was rescued from an almost-empty ranch house with filthy wall-to-wall carpet. Everyone was pointing at her and laughing till I walked in and we locked eyes. For a mere $10 she was mine. Just a warm bath on her pristine plastic cover (which I’m surprisingly accepting of) and steel-wool exfoliation for a small amount of rust on the chrome and she’s ready for my middle-age ass:


Luck me, lucky her! XO


4 thoughts on “Higgledy-piggledy

  1. I love Mr. Pete’s “Walker Red”. The new color looks great on your sunporch and enhances the colors of the bamboo furniture and upholstered cushions.

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  2. There are two stores in Champaign Il, Crossroads Corner Consignment and Furniture Lounge, the second is devoted to mid century modern furniture and accessories.

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