Jungle impetus!

Foul summer heat and a serious influx of work have conspired to keep me from my projects! It’s made me so sad, and my soul has died a little. Meanwhile, it all piles up around the house: lamps to rewire and tables to refinish and chairs to upholster and fabrics to sew, all taunting me, calling to me in the night. It’s starting to look like a junk shop in here. HOWEVER, with a short respite from work on the horizon, I’m ready to tackle a fun indoor project, out of the sun, in the AC.

Herewith, the sunroom (which sees no sun, but whatever):


Very tasteful and placid. Walls are BM’s Wedgwood Gray. It says: put up your feet, read the paper, drink your coffee, and none of yer damn lip! Which is fine, I like all that.

But seeing as how this room is filled with all my plants come fall, along with the birdies on the armoire and the tropical print upholstery, it’s time for some JUNGLE. Plus the kitties need more jungle impetus in their boring indoor lives (that’s an actual thing I learned about in a documentary about kitties).

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 1.12.37 PM

I’m thinking one of these colors… something to balance out the invading neutral walls in the rest of the house. I need a place to go say bad words and do wasabi jalepeño tequila shots and wear dirty underpants on my head. And then when I’m done with that I can settle in with my coffee and take a lil nap (because did you see those 60s bamboo settees?).

Speaking of coffee, here’s the latest addition to my sweet-ass coffee mug collection:



9 thoughts on “Jungle impetus!

  1. Love the color! You know our house is full of them bright colors. Remember our old guest room had a color called Honeybell, a BM paint similar to the color you are looking at. Sadly, it was painted over when Fi took over the tiny room. So glad you are going for it! Loving the jungle impetus!


  2. Too awesome. My head would explode except I just put the dirtiest of dirty underpants on my head…are you back to work now?

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