the gift that keeps on giving


I can’t help but share these nug-lets from my secret stash of old House & Garden mags, after yesterday’s trek to the Architectural Digest Design Show (Pier 92 in NYC). It seems like every year the furniture exhibit is dominated by Brooklyn dudes selling midcentury inspired furniture. Gorgeous pieces, fer sher, and beautifully made … and NOT MINE, never mine, for $8k to $10k (and up). I’m assuming these guys are chosen to represent the best in the industry, but all anyone has to do is visit any decent furniture store to see that these prices are not an anomaly. Meanwhile, in the back of my mind the whole time was this ad for a $27.50 hardwood Danish-style armchair (left) in H&G’s December 1971 issue (ABC Carpet & Home on Broadway and 19th St. has a similar pair for $12,000). I kind of wish I’d brought the ad with me, but not everyone appreciates the total ridiculousness of the situation.

Completely irrelevant but just as great: Ah Men’s “Overall” Man with his country party pants! (Note that these cost almost as much as the armchair.) To be worn with pouch-front briefs for all yer manly tools. Sadly, these were not at the Design Show. And neither was Mrs. Faye C. Haynie, featured in this here 1973/4 ad for LaSalle Extension University’s correspondence course in Interior Decorating. Unless that was her at the coat check? Probably not, having had such a long and successful career as an interior decorator and all.

Lastly, a few of my favorite things from yesterday (with some of the prices–for laffs!):


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