I wuv animals!


So much for my pledge to post once a week. But for realz, I’ve been busy working on projects (Arthur Court flower table!) and buying all the kooky stuff at estate sales no one else seems to want. Like these here treasures. Top left: a driftwood doggie épaulé (or something–I never took ballet), scored at a FANTASTIC sale this morning, where a couple of elderly (and obv very cool) artists lived. Their old house was filled with this stuff, including gorgeous original paintings and funky, somewhat pornographic lawn sculptures that I think the guy running the sale was more interested in selling for top $ (these smaller, weirder things were probably just annoying to him). I also got the horn/fish towel holder (it mounts on the wall–I have no idea what else it could be used for), kitty pitcher, and pig head salt/pepper shakers. At another sale yesterday I got the quartet of lil fur animals that I now have to hide from my cats, and the bunny puzzle. Probably spent $10 for all. Maybe less.

Which leads me to one of the reasons I bought all this crap: this great set of adjustable midcentury shelves, which I now need to fill with precious things! These are from yesterday’s sale–more elderly artistic types whose family needs to sell the house. I paid a lot for my standards (can’t talk about this–husband reads the blog). BUT … I’ve been looking for a set of these, and if you were to search online, they’d go for much more than I paid. Plus they will solve a major storage issue in my dining area. We pick them up tomorrow, and I’ll post pics when they’re clean and polished and filled with loveliness.


Not included from this past week of sales: vintage art exhibit posters and a 5 dollah 1975 silkscreen I know certain friends will plan to murder me for, a creeeeepy painting of a man’s blue, possibly dead, face (to be framed to stare directly at our guest bed), five 1970s highball glasses, yards and yards of gorgeous linen fabric ($1 each! major score for people who sew)… the list goes on.

Flower table to come! And many other beauteous things of wonder…




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