bitchin AD color recs

I don’t always like to validate what others are into (a lifetime habit I sometimes regret–but not always! since a lot of people are just stupid), but I really like some of the paint color recommendations that Architectural Digest lists. My friend Dawn will love that Revere Pewter is listed, since she just used this in her kitchen. (I repainted my Peacock Blue–aka Psych Ward–bedroom RP and have felt infinitely more sane ever since.) I think there’s something to be said about actual COLORS that people with taste (i.e., AD readers) have chosen and lived with, rather than just picking something you like and going with it (which I’ve stupidly done so many times that Ring’s End now gives me a contractor discount).

Maybe some of these will be helpful to my creative, house-loving friends?

Pee ess: I’ve found BM’s Sail Cloth to be a really great neutral that has an interesting depth to it … it reads kinda blah on the sample, but I’ve found that it changes with the light, and also somehow reflects the color of other things in the room. I have it on my kitchen ceiling, and it reads grayish on one end (picking up the stainless-steel color of the appliances), and golden (the brass light fixture) on the other. Another color that makes me weak: Farrow & Ball’s Castle Gray. It’s the color of goose shit, but in my friends’ front entryway it’s stunning.




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