Big Breuer, little Breuer

I love Breuer Cesca chairs. Marcel Breuer, modernist architect and designer. I recently found out his name is pronounced Broy-er, after walking around for years saying Brew-er, like a weenie. BROY-ER. His Cesca chair (named after his daughter, Francesca) first appeared in 1928. Breuer’s design was never patented, so there have been various manufacturers (the three […]

let’s take this outside

I recently came across the line, “Gardening is decorating outside,” or something to that effect. I can’t remember where I read it, but I like it. I’ve been doing a lot of outside decorating lately. If you consider hauling wheelbarrows full of dirt and rocks and hacking apart dead tree limbs “decorating.” I’m not at the point where […]


I’m making good on my threat of cat photos. Today I’m celebrating the fine collection of feline art at the Walker estate, which has been acquired over time, and with a highly discerning eye. My new favorite thing in the whole world: This was painted by my (obviously) talented friend Pat Arzillo. This was a gift from her that […]

well, hello…

The new baby is back home with mama. Last month I took little Miss Arthur Court lily table to Ma and Peter’s house so they could help me with silver-leafing it, since Pete is a pro. The material gets a bit expensive in quantity, and we bought twice as much as we needed, but Pete will happily […]

new shelf life!

The shelves are up! And they rule. They’re in pretty good shape, considering they were piled high with books and probably sat in that basement for fifty years. There’s a little bit of veneer damage, but nothing noticeable. (Something to keep in mind: As cool as some of this original midcentury stuff looks, a lot […]

bitchin AD color recs

I don’t always like to validate what others are into (a lifetime habit I sometimes regret–but not always! since a lot of people are just stupid), but I really like some of the paint color recommendations that Architectural Digest lists. My friend Dawn will love that Revere Pewter is listed, since she just used this in her kitchen. (I repainted my […]

I wuv animals!

So much for my pledge to post once a week. But for realz, I’ve been busy working on projects (Arthur Court flower table!) and buying all the kooky stuff at estate sales no one else seems to want. Like these here treasures. Top left: a driftwood doggie épaulé (or something–I never took ballet), scored at a […]

Blah Is Beautiful

If you struggle with paint color like I do, check out this New York Times Magazine article, from this weekend’s Design issue. I have come to feel the same way about color, after painting countless rooms bold, beautiful yellows, oranges and blues (because I do love them so), only to find myself later overwhelmed by all the “color clutter” (as my wonderfully […]

the gift that keeps on giving

  I can’t help but share these nug-lets from my secret stash of old House & Garden mags, after yesterday’s trek to the Architectural Digest Design Show (Pier 92 in NYC). It seems like every year the furniture exhibit is dominated by Brooklyn dudes selling midcentury inspired furniture. Gorgeous pieces, fer sher, and beautifully made … and NOT MINE, never […]